*** All SOA senior centers are open Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm. ***

Tech Connect for Older Adults

Tech Connect for Older Adults seeks to empower participants 50 and better to understand and utilize the ever growing world of technology. The benefits of technology for older adults is endless.

Whether you are a beginner looking for an introduction to technology or an experienced user with technical questions about your cell phone, tablet, or computer, we are here to help. From scheduling doctors appointments, to chatting with loved ones, to researching hobbies and activities, the information is out there, and we can’t wait to help participants find it.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Each center will host this one-on-one workshop where you can bring your device, and your questions, and work with one of our knowledgeable tech trainers. Sign-up by calling your center or visiting our website. In order to best serve you, we ask to know the type of device you need help with and a description of your concern.

Classroom in a Box

Learn how you can bring Tech Connect to your senior living facility, church, and anywhere else older adults might gather. With a variety of different offerings and options, we are excited to help bring technology education to your location with Classroom in a Box.  

Intro to Sleep Technologies

Sleep troubles? What if tech could help you sleep? Attend this lecture to learn more about wearable technologies that track sleep patterns and monitor sleep disorders, apps that offer guided meditation, and other ways to promote healthy sleep habits.

Mindfulness Apps

Want to reduce anxiety, improve your memory, and lower your blood pressure? Discover popular apps that teach breathing and mediation techniques. Plus, learn about new technology like wearable breath monitors and smart yoga mats. Plug in to these apps to help you unplug from everything else! Need to unwind? Here’s some tech for the mind! 

Online Prescription Drug Resources

This lecture offers an overview of useful drug resources. You’ll learn about MedlinePlus, a reputable website that provides information about the uses and side effects of prescription medication. Plus, we’ll cover other health topics. You’ll also learn about GoodRX, FamilyWize, and SingleCare, helpful tools for understanding drug costs, comparing pharmacy prices, and finding discounts or coupons. Learn how to research, purchase, and save on prescription drugs with these online tools!

My Chart

Has your doctor or healthcare provider ever mentioned MyChart? Come learn about this electronic health record portal that works both in a web browser and as an app. We’ll go over how MyChart can help you keep all your health information in one place, communicate with your providers, and have a virtual visit. You’ll also learn about the portal’s privacy and security features.