Mama Rose enjoys coming to the senior center and says the other participants are down to earth.  she can always find someone at the center to help her through a rough time. The senior center is a place where she is not lonely, and it has kept her going and prevented her from giving up. There were times she wanted to give up on life due to hardships and lost of loved ones, but the senior center saved her life.

-Rosie Caradine-Lewis “Mama Rose”

Vertaree comes to the Clinton Rose Center to mingle with different people and enjoy their company. The senior center means that she has somewhere to go, rather than sitting at home. She says it allows her to have something constructive to do and gives her positive a outlook on life. She also feels that volunteering opens opportunities for employment and gives her a purpose.

-Vertaree Jenkins

Bea and Charles have been attending Washington Park Senior Center for the past twenty years. The mother son duo are part of the lunch program, they do arts and crafts, and both volunteer their time to help improve the center. Bea transplants plants to be sold in the gift shop and Charles waters all the plants in the center. Charles is also involved in walking groups, and says the center helps keep him healthy. Bea states that it’s a great way to get out of the house and have something to do.

-Bea & Charles

Louis loves coming to Clinton Rose Senior Center. He enjoys the generosity of the people, the volunteer opportunities, all the  activities, being part of planning committees, the dining site, and dancing at the center with the OG dance group and Roselettes.

-Louis Smith

Doris Hopkins Brown enjoys coming to Clinton Rose because it is easily accessible. She can connect with other participants and she loves being involved in the activities. Doris leads Morning Blend with Hot Topics along with other activities. She loves the staff, she stated they are pleasant and accommodating.

-Doris Hopkins-Brown

If I don't come to the Senior Center I can't start my day. I miss the people if I don't come.

-Mary Ann T.

I value Kelly Center because the people are kind and loving. I come her for fellowship and delicious lunches.  

-Nancy L.

Coming to Kelly puts a smile on my face, a quicker step to my feet, and creativity to challenge my mind. No person should ever be bored here. ​

-Debbie D.

Kelly is beautifully decorated, very clean, and welcoming.​


Love coming to Kelly.


I have enjoyed going to the Kelly Center for over two years. It was first brought to my attention by my downstairs neighbor. He seemed like a new man after getting out and associating with people at the center. For me, it gets me up in the morning! I am not a morning person, by nature, but when I have something I have to get up for, I do. I say have to, but coming to Kelly is a want to. The activities offered are such fun and many are free. They foster camaraderie and have provided some fresh friendships for me. Another very nice thing about Kelly is the daily nutritious lunch at a very affordable price. It is my best meal of the day!​

Thank you for this amazing opportunity and I hope the funding will continue for this worthwhile senior venue. 

-Margie G.